Vault CRM is a comprehensive, cloud-based application that provides simple management and tracking of all the data, documents and interactions required for effective relationship management of a company’s targeted customers. Vault CRM is dedicated to the global Med Tech (Medical Device) industry and has numerous capabilities designed for the unique needs of the industry.

The core components of Vault CRM are:

  • Accounts - Organizations that participate in the acquisition and usage of medical devices. Examples include hospitals, clinics, laboratories, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), etc.
  • Contacts - represent all types of persons that Vault CRM users interact with. These include Health Care Professionals (HCPs), office staff, administrators, etc.
  • Products - Vault CRM’s Product Catalog contains all product types available for use within the various modules of the application.
  • Users - Any person who actively logs in and views, updates or creates data and documents from within Vault CRM. Typically these are either Sales Representatives or Medical Experts and their managers.

The main capabilities provided by the Vault CRM are:

  • Activity Reporting - Vault CRM allows MedTech sales representatives to capture details about their interactions with their targeted customers, both Accounts and HCPs. Activities allow users to capture details about which products were discussed, which key messages were delivered and any additional details necessary to capture the full scope of the interactions.
  • Relationship Management - Vault CRM enables the management of various types of relationships, both formal and informal, between accounts and contacts. A dedicated user interface visually represents these relationships, making it easy for reps to understand the network of their targeted customers.
  • Content Presentation - As part of activity capture or an ad-hoc interaction, users can present interactive content to HCPs via a dedicated Content Player. The content presented is tracked as part of an automatically created activity, including which slides were presented, to whom, and for how long, allowing marketing organizations to accurately analyze the effectiveness of their content.
  • Content Sharing - Vault CRM users can share content directly to their targeted HCPs via email. The content shared is sent as links, not attachments, in order to ensure that the recipient always sees the latest version of the content, as well as enabling the tracking of when the content was viewed.

  • Calendar Integrations - Using dedicated browser plug-ins, reps can plan their schedules in their corporate calendars (either Outlook or Google) and with a click of a button, send that planned activity to Vault CRM.